Unek Francis Photographer

My name is “Unek” (unique). I am a Fashion Photographer based out of the Southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up half of my life on the streets doing graffiti traveling the country painting murals turn my life into a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for 12 years.

5 Years ago I picked up a camera documenting my body art, known as Graffiti on Girls. Which can be seen across the globe in magazines, books and interviews with many countries involved in the underground hip hop/graffiti culture. As my skill level and knowledge grew, I stepped into the fashion world. Found a extreme passion for the creativity fashion has to offer.

My fashion photography style has a combination of utilizing the raw edge attitude of streets and beauty of the Southwest landscapes, where my childhood was spent hiking in the back country in Four Corners Region of New Mexico.

As time goes on I will be perfecting my craft and continue to love fashion, as I merge into the mainstream market within the short amount of years I've been behind the camera.

You can find more work at:

w w w . u n e k i m a g e r y . c o m

Fashion Affair Magazine
"Fashion Vagaries"

Photograpaher: Unek Francis
Make up: Daniel Bayu
Hairstylist: Darren Bay
Stylist: Christopher Brown
Model: Abby Robinson


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