Unek Francis Photographer

My name is “Unek” (unique). I am a Fashion Photographer based out of the Southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up half of my life on the streets doing graffiti traveling the country painting murals turn my life into a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for 12 years.

5 Years ago I picked up a camera documenting my body art, known as Graffiti on Girls. Which can be seen across the globe in magazines, books and interviews with many countries involved in the underground hip hop/graffiti culture. As my skill level and knowledge grew, I stepped into the fashion world. Found a extreme passion for the creativity fashion has to offer.

My fashion photography style has a combination of utilizing the raw edge attitude of streets and beauty of the Southwest landscapes, where my childhood was spent hiking in the back country in Four Corners Region of New Mexico.

As time goes on I will be perfecting my craft and continue to love fashion, as I merge into the mainstream market within the short amount of years I've been behind the camera.

You can find more work at:

w w w . u n e k i m a g e r y . c o m

Unek Francis Fashion


Latest editorial "Fashion Vagaries"

Fashion Affair Magazine
"Fashion Vagaries"

Photograpaher: Unek Francis
Make up: Daniel Bayu
Hairstylist: Darren Bay
Stylist: Christopher Brown
Model: Abby Robinson


Desert Solstice - Modo Magazine

photographer Unek Francis
model Brittany Dale
stylist Veronica Dale
hair Santiago Romero
mua Kata Baron
photographer’s assistant Tia Lola


Desert Solstice - Modo Magazine 

Model Brittany Dale 
Hair Santiago Romero 
MUA Kata Baron 
Stylist Veronica Valdez-Dale 
Photographers Assistant Tia Lola 
Photographer Unek Francis 


Orlando Dugi Collection


Fashion Designer Orlando Dugi
Makeup/Hairstylist Dina DeVore
Models Mona Bear & Sofia Resnik
Assistant Peshawn Bread
Photographer Unek Francis


Orlando Dugi Collection


Fashion Designer Orlando Dugi
Makeup/Hairstylist Dina DeVore
Models Mona Bear & Sofia Resnik
Assistant Peshawn Bread
Photographer Unek Francis


A Brooklyn Getaway

Photographer: Unek Francis
Model: Kristen Anna D’Angelo w/Fenton Moon Models NYC
MUA/Hair: Taly Waisberg
Fashion Stylist: Ginevra Valente

Behind the scenes on a editorial shoot in the Bisti Badlands in Four Corners - New Mexico.  Great crew and model in this blistering heat of the desert. 

Unek Francis – Fashion photographer | Inspiring Photography - Interviews | CFYE

CFYE did a interview a in 2010 on my body art and my graffiti. 3 Years later Arden of CFYE did another interview with me on my fashion photography. Here’s the awesome interview and hope you all enjoy. Thank you Arden de Raaij and CFYE for all the love you guys have given me.

Street Tales

Model: Alina Edge - Red Model Management NYC

MUAH: Dan Bayu

Photographer: Unek 



Today was a very important day for models who work in the fashion capital of New York. Today New York Senator Klein and Senator Savino along with The Model Alliance announced new legislature likely to pass this week that will finally include under age print and runway models in the labor laws that already protect other child performers like actors, singers and dancers. This was something I’ve been speaking publicly about for the last 4 years so it is particularly thrilling for me to see this issue finally gain the attention it deserves. I’m very thankful I was invited to speak on my personal experiences as a model in New York City. Below is a transcript of my speech:

Hello - My name is Coco Rocha and I’m a model based here in New York. I’d like to thank Senator Klein, Senator Savino and the Model Alliance for asking me to be here today.

For me, this issue is personal. Like Sara Ziff and so many professional models, I was scouted at the ripe old age of 14. By the time I was 16  I was living and working alone here in New York City. During my 10 years as a model I’m fortunate enough to have realized many of my professional goals, though not without feeling enormous pressure to agree to demands and make certain choices that no young person should ever have to deal with.  

The fact is, too often young models find themselves forced to forego their education and their values in order to pursue their career, only to wind up with nothing. I will never forget being 15 years old, alone on a set as a photographer tried to harass, heckle and even threaten me into taking a semi-nude photo. I recall with sickening clarity the first time I was told (in no uncertain terms) to loose weight that I definitely couldn’t afford to lose because, as this person, said “the look this year is anorexia”.  

There were times as a young model when I was very lonely and felt an enormous pressure from the adults working around me to give up values and beliefs I held dear. Through trial and error I learned my rights and I learned to stand up for myself. I decided that I wouldn’t allow myself to be degraded or treated unfairly and I’m now able to walk away from that treatment because: Firstly, I’m established as a model and second, I’m now an adult… but what about the young and aspiring models? For children and young teens who just want to please, the pressure to succumb to demands from adults is often damaging and life altering; dropping out of school, foregoing education and their health, allowing predators, sexual and otherwise to harass and victimize — it has to stop.  And although the industry has tried self-regulation, it just hasn’t been enough. 

That is why I am here today, to convey to you my ongoing concerns about the health and well-being of children and teens who are working in the modeling industry. 

When it comes to protecting our children, the moral argument should override any perceived inconvenience of rules, record keeping or expense. That fact has long been acknowledged as true for other child performers like actors, dancers and singers who all enjoy protections under law in New York.  For reasons unknown to me, this has never applied to child models. I’m thankful that this has been noted by both The Model Alliance and by Senators Klien and Savino. I am thrilled that they are helping to correct this discrepancy by proposing that print and runway models under 18 have the same protections as all other child performers working in New York State. These protections are basic, necessary and long-overdue.  

I believe we all agree that there are natural human standards of how we treat one another and especially of how we treat children. On behalf of the many models I know and love, I thank you for all your hard work and your time. I’m confident that through continued efforts we can ensure a safer environment for the next generation.

Thank you.

(If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on modeling and the industry please go HEREHEREHERE and HERE. Also be sure to check out ModelAlliance.Org)

BTS with models Mona Bear & Sofia Resnik, MUAH Dina DeVore, Assistant Peshawn for fashion designer Orlando Dugi’s catalog book shoot. 

My Own Time editorial in Modo Magazine

Photographer & Art Direction: Unek Francis

Model: Brittany Dale

MUAH: Nina DeVore

Styling by: Veronica Dale

Jewelry: Sandra Baca



Editorial also featured on Haper’s Bazaar / Vogue’s top fashion photographer Benjamin Kanarek’s Blog


BTS at the Brooklyn Bridge Editorial in NYC with Model Kristen Anna D’Angelo, MUA/Hairstylist Taly Waisberg, Fashion Stylist Ginvera Valente. photos by: the Whole team